After NICU

Summer Snuzzler support

Edward was around 6 months old (almost 4 months corrected) when the Community Neonatal Sister who used to visit us at home on a regular basis advised us to move Edward out of the bassinet we had been using on our Uppababy Cruz and into the main seat so that he could start to look around more and not get bored. At this point he was still rather small and although his head control was pretty good it wasn’t 100%.

We tried him in the main seat but he just rattled around in it and didn’t look at all secure or happy. Uppababy did do a newborn insert for the pram but it seemed to be out of stock everywhere so we had to look for alternatives. A Google search came up with the Summer Snuzzler support.
This basically consists of a head cushion that is flat at the back of the head and padded around either side of the head, a body piece that is flat behind with padded sides for either side of the body, and then two flat pieces that go under the legs. The head cushion attaches to the body cushion by velcro so the two pieces can be used separately. The cushion has a cool cotton cover so the ‘summer’ part of the name.

The cushion sits in the seat with the harness going around it, so although the cushion isn’t actually attached to the pushchair, it does stay in place well and we haven’t noticed any slippage. The padding either side of Edward’s head and either side of his body have really helped to keep him nicely positioned in his seat and given plenty of support.

Definitely recommended!
Edward Teddy rating:


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