Please recommend us some toys!

The big thing we are struggling with at the moment is finding developmentally appropriate toys for Edward that aren’t too big for him to use. He is now 8 months actual age, nearly 6 months corrected but only weighs 12lb so is about the size of a 4 month old. His head control is great, and although his back is strong he can’t sit up by himself yet and wobbles and flops over.

We’ve been looking at toys suitable for 6m+ babies but they are massive! We’ve got him a fabric shape sorter cube, and some stacking rings but he can’t hold any of it as his little hands can’t grasp them. His fine motor control is good, and he will pick up and hold and transfer small objects like his Sophie teething ring and hold one of his little cardboard books with both hands in front of himself.

We’re concerned that he’s getting bored with the toys that he does have, and that they aren’t stimulating his development enough. We are using the bigger toys I mentioned with him, but it would be good for him to try and do it himself rather than us half holding them for him. Does anyone have any recommendations for toys, particularly classic/traditional toys like shape sorters and stacking rings, that are smaller than usual that we can get him?!

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