In the NICU

Our guide to dressing your prem baby

Once Edward was a few weeks old and able to keep his own body temperature we were able to put him in clothes. This was such a huge step in feeling like he was just like any other baby. Problem was he was still tiny and all the newborn clothes we had bought were still far too big.

There is very little out there on the high street, but we did find a couple of places – Mothercare and Asda.

Mothercare introduced a range of early baby clothes in 2014. The range starts from 2lb in weight and goes up to 7lb. A nice gesture from Mothercare is that next day delivery on items from the range is free of charge when you enter the code PREM at the checkout.

The range was designed with support from Bliss. The vests and sleepsuits open fully, making getting them on and off much easier, and fasten with velcro. This is handy when you’re doing this in an incubator and have to deal with having multiple wires and tubes attached to your little one. So plenty of options for fixing around them or tucking them in where needed.

The range consists of bodysuits/vests (3 for £7.50) sleepsuits (3 for £14) and hats & scratch mitts (2 of each in a pack for £6). New for this year is a grey/yellow unisex set as well as the traditional blue and pink.

The suits washed and wore well and overall we were very happy with them. My only slight criticism was that the gap between fasteners was a little too much so that the suit sometimes gaped a little bit exposing his little legs in the cracks. Saying that, we’ve found this to various degrees on larger size sleepsuits he’s worn since he’s been home, from all different shops, so it’s something not particular to this range.

On the Edward Teddy rating scale…

Our verdict: 🐻🐻🐻🐻

Asda now do a range of early baby clothes as well.

The range is larger than Mothercare’s and at the time was the only place doing a neutral/unisex range. Their range consists of vests/bodysuits (3 for £5), sleep suits (3 for £7) hats (£2 for 2) and also some very cute cardigans (£3 each).

We never actually managed to put him in a cardigan as when he was out of his incubator/cot having a cuddle he was wrapped in a blanket and putting him in a cardigan would have been tricky. Perhaps these would have been more suited to a small baby at home rather than a small prem baby in hospital, but they were rather cute.

The ASDA range is also thoughtfully designed with well placed poppers, instead of Velcro as on the Mothercare suits. The items fit well, perhaps a touch smaller than the Mothercare sizes, and are excellent value for money. ASDA also do free click and collect.

This is Edward wearing one of the vests.

We really liked this range and give it full marks for design and practicality

Edward Teddy rating out of 5


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