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Introducing… the Edward and Friends milestone cards and nursery prints

We’re really excited to share our milestone cards and nursery print that we have created.

During Edward’s 3 months in hospital we recorded lots of things that happened in a little notebook for him to read when he is older. I hadn’t really come across the idea of baby milestone cards until I saw an article in the newspaper a couple of months ago about a mum in Australia who had created some after having a premature baby herself.

So inspired by her story I made some of my own, drawing on our experiences of Edward’s time in the Neonatal Unit. There are 3 different colour designs – boys (pale blue), girls (peachy pink) and unisex (yellow and grey), and the cards have a vintagey feel with a stylised flower design and a retro-ish font.

The cards in each set include:

Today I had my first cuddle

Today I came off oxygen

I have doubled my birth weight

Today I moved into a cot

Today I am line free

Today is my due date

and Today I am… 1 week old to 16 weeks old.

They are currently available as a digital download to print at home, or printed onto high quality 300 gsm silk card.

We have also created a nursery print of the lovely Winnie the Pooh quote “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”, something that all parents, but particularly parents of premature babies, know well. The prints are available in the same colour range as the cards – pale blue, peachy pink and grey – and whilst digital download only at the moment, we can do custom prints if required.

Our other nursery prints are of the alphabet which is customisable with the initial and name of your little one.

We also have a print of the  numbers 1-31, customisable with your little one’s birth date.

Both prints are available in a range of colours. They are currently available as a digital download only, but we can do custom printed orders onto high quality card, and may make this option a permanent feature.

All cards and prints are available here on Etsy, where they are already proving to be popular with mums. And most importantly we will donate 20% from each sale to Bliss, the charity that supports sick and premature babies and their families. Bliss provide a huge amount of support to neonatal units and families across the country, and we are happy to be able to give a little something back after all the support we received.

So please visit the Edward and Friends page at Etsy and share with friends.

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