After NICU

IKEA Antilop highchair and Pyttig cushion

Edward started weaning at his actual age of 6 months rather than the 4 months he technically was once his prematurity had been taken into account. With his poor weight gain as well, he was about the size of a 3 month old when we first started him on solid food. Highchairs were out to start with as he couldn’t hold his head up for long periods of time so we fed him in his bouncy chair which was a hassle and a mess!

At about 7 months he had got big enough that we tried him in a high chair. Advice on a local mums Facebook group was that the IKEA Antilop chair was the high chair to get. With him still being so little we got the inflatable cushion (Pyttig) which reduced the size of the chair.

As you can see from the picture below, this worked rather well and he fitted in it nicely. The tray and cushion wedged him in well, but there’s also a belt that tightened up to his small waist to make things properly secure.

We used the high chair for a couple of weeks, but found that he got a little tired in it and slumped forward as he still couldn’t sit up completely by himself.

We then tried a more traditional highchair that reclined. The new high chair though had the problems we expected of not being able to tighten the harness enough to keep him properly secure and we tried using the IKEA cushion on the new chair to wedge him in more but we still felt a bit nervous putting him in it.

So we went back to using the Antilop and are still using it now. It is nice and compact and doesn’t take up room in the kitchen, the legs pop off for transport/storage, the cushion has a washable cover, or as they are both plastic if you want to you can sling the tray and seat in the dishwasher if things get really messy!

Edward and Friends teddy rating:


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