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Ewan the dream sheep

This review isn’t particularly for prem/small babies but because Ewan the dream sheep has a bit of a cult following, and with good reason (though I did read a backlash thread on Mumsnet once that mainly centred on his shifty looking eyes!)

For those of you who have never heard of him, Ewan is a cuddly toy sheep that is designed to calm babies and lull them to sleep. He plays 4 different sounds combined with a heartbeat sound, and has a pink glowing light in his tummy.

The 4 sounds are womb sounds, rain, a vacuum cleaner and harp music. You select a sound by pressing one of his feet. There is an option on the battery pack concealed in his tummy for loud or quiet, and to have the pink light on or off. The sounds play for about 20 minutes by which time your little one should be fast asleep.
Edward’s favourite these days is the harp music, although when we first used it, it was either the vacuum or rain, he didn’t seem to like the womb noise much, which surprised us given that he missed out on an extra 2 months of hearing it!

Almost every parent I know raves about Ewan and swears by his ability to put their baby to sleep. The science behind it is that all the sounds are what is known as ‘pink noise’. This is a frequency of sound that is particularly soothing for babies. Combined with the heartbeat sound to remind them of hearing their mum’s heartbeat in the womb, this should calm and soothe your little one.
Although we were a bit sceptical at first (how was this sheep different to any other musical night toy?) Edward almost always drops of to sleep in about 5-10 minutes of Ewan being on – we couldn’t do without Ewan now! I hope this continues to be the case as Edward gets older!
Our Edward Teddy rating:

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