After NICU

Close caboo NCT sling

The Close Caboo is a baby carrier that is a cross between a stretchy wrap and a ring sling. It is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. Where this type of sling comes into its own, unlike more structured carriers such as the Baby Bjorn or Ergobaby, is that it is suitable from 5lb so can be used from those early days.

Basically, you put the sling on like you were putting on a jumper with the cross over part in between your shoulder blades. Then you rest baby up on one shoulder while looping one side round his leg and then move baby to the other shoulder whilst looping the other side round the other leg. With baby’s bottom sitting in the cross part of the sling you pull the two sections up and over his body. You can then pull to tighten the ‘straps’, and tie them in a knot under baby’s bottom for some extra support. The bag for the sling acts as an extra cover/support which you can then tie over the top of the sling but to be honest I didn’t really use that part of it very much.

I have found the sling perfect for using round the house. Edward suffered from reflux for a long time, so we had to keep him upright after feeds. Using the sling was perfect for this, meaning that I could get on with a few things around the house whilst keeping him upright and close to me. Popping him in the sling after a feed was easy, even when he was having a wriggly moment, though I wasn’t as brave as the women in the You Tube demo videos who put their babies in it whilst standing up! I walked round the house with him in it quite happily and found it comfortable because his weight was well distributed. I did sometimes have to pull and tighten the straps and retie the knot under his bum if I used it for a while as there is a bit of give in the material, but it never felt unsecure or unsafe.

I would definitely recommend the Close Caboo, particularly for refluxy babies.

Edward teddy rating


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