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Our guide to the best pram/crib books

Once Edward had moved into a crib in the high dependency unit, we noticed that lots of the other parents had got little books tucked down the side of crib or clipped on to the side. We got chatting to one mum about it, who said that she had been recommended it as a way of giving baby some gentle stimulation to help with development. Although babies can’t see colours when they are born, research suggests that they first see white, black, and shades of grey. As their eyes are still learning to focus, simple lines and bold patterns stand out best.

We did a bit of research and found the Baby Sees and the Black and White Chunky ranges on-line.

These books have really lovely patterns and pictures, with bright colours and shapes/pictures on one page and black and white lines/pictures on the other page.

The books themselves have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are laminated cardboard so can be wiped clean. I even wiped one down with some industrial strength bleach wipes when we were worried about a cross infection issue and the book survived intact! The smaller ‘Black and White Chunky’ books fitted nice and securely down the side of his crib between the mattress and the side. As they’re not very tall this did mean that about a third of the page couldn’t be seen as it was hidden behind the edge of the mattress. The larger ‘Baby sees’ books didn’t have this problem as they were taller so you could still see almost all of the page. But being taller meant that although they tucked down between the mattress and the crib nicely it did feel like they were going to topple over onto Edward though they never actually did.

In an ideal word we would have had some sort of clip to secure the books to the top of the crib like the Taf toys pram book rather than wedging them down between the matress and the side. In the end, we kept one of the smaller ‘Black and White Chunky’ books permanently in his crib, and got the bigger ‘Baby sees’ books out when we were with him.

Two books from each range was just right to provide enough variety in what he looked at, and we changed the page each day. Though he really responded to the guinea pig page in the Black and White Chunky book so it often stayed on that one!

Highly recommended

Our Edward Teddy rating


The Taf toys crib/pram book was also a big hit for us. This was *the* one thing that all the prem families I know had in hospital! And it is still on Edward’s crib at home now!

This book is made of fabric and has two different sides, one with black and white patterns and pictures, as well as a little mirror, and the other side has coloured pictures with little things to grab hold of for when baby is a bit older. How it attaches is perfect for the ‘cribs’ in Neonatal and Special Care Units. There are fabric velcro ties for attaching to crib bars when you get home, but crucially also really sturdy plastic clips that fit onto the edge of the hospital cribs. The book fits perfectly along the side of the crib and doesn’t get in the way at all. <br”> I can’t recommend this toy enough and can see why it is Amazon’s number 1 best seller in pram toys. <br

rd’s rating


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