After NICU

Chad Valley baby play nest

When Edward was 10 months, he was desperate to sit up, but didn’t quite have the upper body strength to support himself. We gave him lots of tummy time, and supported him in a sitting position, but felt he needed a sitting aid. A friend recommended a playnest, which he said had helped his premature daughter to sit. After some internet research, we settled on the Chad Valley Baby Playnest because it had good reviews and was a reasonable price.

We found the playnest very easy to inflate with a balloon pump. Cute safari animals decorate the nest and there are plenty of activities to keep baby busy while in the nest, such as strips of ribbon and crinkly monkey ears. We also put toys round the edge of the nest to encourage Edward to twist and turn while keeping his balance.

Our only criticism about the playnest was there there were a few loose threads we had to cut off to stop Edward pulling/chewing them but this small thing was definitely outweighed by the value for money.

We put Edward in the nest for 10-15 minutes at least twice a day. We could see that he was gradually starting to support his weight and after a few weeks, he was sitting up. While this clearly wasn’t just down to the nest, it definitely helped by providing a secure space for Edward to practice sitting independently.

Not sitting up his best in this picture but you get the idea!

Edward teddy rating


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